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Edmonton’s Effective Portable Signs have been providing businesses with rental advertising signs in Alberta for over 25 years.  Now part of the Curbex Media group they are placing premium mobile sign products on location in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Saskatoon and areas between.

Curbex Media is one of Canada’s fastest growing media companies. Curbex Media specializes in providing premium portable advertising signage and displays that are literally – “always” (24/7) “out front”, (at or near the business location of the advertiser).  Curbex offers a full line of innovative advertising sign solutions that are proven to provide evident return on investment.

How we make Advertising Easy!

Premium Portable Advertising Signs

Curbex Media’s Onsite Advertising Solutions

Curbex Media is excited to maximize your business’s curbside exposure with portable Advertising Sign Solutions that will deliver your business results.

It is as simple as a phone call, we take care of the permits, ad design, negotiation with landlords and we will deliver your sign to your business location.  Our installers will have your portable sign looking sharp for your target audience.

1-Portable-Signs-Curbex-Media Mini B
AdPanel – Pylon4-Portable-Signs-Curbex-Media
AdPanel – Wall5-Portable-Signs-Curbex-Media
Effective Signs Edmonton & Calgary are now placing Curbex Media Premium mobile signs and portable signs, Edmonton Sign Company
1-Portable-Signs-Curbex-Media Wall Banner
1-Portable-Signs-Curbex-Media Window Vinyl Graphics
1-Portable-Signs-Curbex-Media TriPod
1-Portable-Signs-Curbex-Media A-Frame
1-Portable-Signs-Curbex-Media Pole SideNotes
1-Portable-Signs-Curbex-Media Flipper Flags

*Curbex Media’s full range of premium mobile sign products is subject to availability in Alberta – For more information please visit Curbex Media or request a specific product from orderdesk(at)

Edmonton Portable Signs that make sure your business is

Edmonton Feature Products

Need Design? Get FREE Ad Design With your portable sign

Work with our team of graphic designers to create an ad that works for you.
We always get it just right.

With vast experience in out-of-home billboard design our designers
will take your logo and advertising message and turn it into
something fresh, creative and always unique.
Receive your Ad design within 24 hours free of charge.

Servicing Edmonton Business & Community

Curbex Media can deliver your effective portable sign anyway in the greater Edmonton region and northern Alberta.  We also service southern Alberta from our Calgary location.

If you are looking to take the next step in outdoor advertising with premium mobile signs then

Toll free on 1-888-428-7239
or locally on 780-467-2770


For Curbex Media Premium Products please visit Curbex Media.